About Rotterdam Processing Week

The trade fair for the future of

process technology

Rotterdam Processing Week is a two-day trade event taking place in Rotterdam Ahoy. It is aimed at professionals from the bulk industry, fluids and measurement and control technology. The event provides an excellent opportunity to meet industry professionals, network and exchange ideas. The exhibition showcases the latest innovations in these industries and also offers a freely accessible knowledge programme where people are kept up to date with the latest developments in their field. This event is ideal for anyone who wants to gain insight into the latest trends in their industry, discover new opportunities or simply network with like-minded people. The ambition of Rotterdam Processing Week is to provide a platform for the biggest players in the industry to showcase their latest innovations at a trade show open to professionals from all industrial sectors. Throughout the days, there will also be live demonstrations at the various participants. Keynote speakers will share their knowledge during this two-day event. The aim of this event is not only to provide an informative experience, but also to do activities with the industrial community. Think elaborate dinners, drinks and company visits. Interested in participating or visiting Rotterdam Processing Week? Then get in touch with our team!